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If you are interested in helping our organization, there are many ways that you can contribute and help our four legged friends. Cash donations are always welcome and needed to support the critical costs of medical care, Pet Meds, kennel fees, food, spay/neuter and transport costs, that are all essential elements to the rescue organization.  Giving of your time as a volunteer is one of the greatest ways you give as these dogs are eager to receive love and care.

How do you want to give:

$15 In State,

Out of State 150.+

Transportation for dog to safe kennel or foster home
$35 Food for one dog for one month
$50 Vaccinations for one dog
$75 to 250. Rescue one dog from  a kill shelter
$200. to 300. Spay or neuter one dog
$300 Kennel care for one dog for one month
$600. to 1400. Full rescue for one dog, save from a shelter, vaccinate and kennel care for one month.  Please consider many dogs are in rescue longer then a month and some up to a year to find the right home.

Cherry eye surgery-$500.
Valley Fever Titers -$125.00 could need up to 3 of them to begin with
Entropian surgery-450.00
Basic Bloodwork-245.00 (most basic)
Medications anywhere from 20.00 to 300.
ACL Surgery-Depending 2500. to 5000.

Other Vet Care,Cherry Eye Surgery,Entropian Surgery,Bloodwork,Medications,ACL Surgery,
Foster Equivalent of $300 of kennel care and food for one month.
  Fostering is one of the greatest gifts you can give as you not only save the organization costs, but most importantly you provide the dog a safe and loving home that allows the dog to feel comfortable in his/her transition.  As a foster, you get to know the dog, his/her personality, quirks, and character guiding us as to what would be the best suited home, ensuring that he/she will be happy for the remainder of their lives. 
Volunteer Get to know our dogs and help to bathe, walk, or socialize the dogs, providing them the opportunity to feel loved and be a normal dog.
Individual Dog Sponsor an individual dog that reaches your heart and cover his/her expenses until the forever home is found.
Of course we welcome any other ways that you wish to give or ideas that you want to share!  
 If you would like to sponser a dog in need please contact us at  azmastiffrescue@yahoo.com and we can give you more information  

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