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Adopting A Friend

The adoption process is simple and we try to make it as quick as possible. The steps are as follows:

1. Fill out an application at one of our websites.

2. We will call you to do a phone interview.

3. We will conduct a home visit.

4. You meet our dogs and adopt.

You must be willing to drive to meet our dogs. It is really the best way for you to choose the dog that fits you best. And it gives you an opportunity to meet all of our dogs. Occasionally, if a potential home is near where the dog is being fostered then the dog can be brought to meet you during the home visit.

We work hard to insure that our dogs fit the homes that they go into. We will only place a dog into a home that fits. We make every effort for you to adopt the dog of your choice. However, due to the above it is not always possible. We will have a dog that fits your home so if the dog of your choice will not fit, we will find one that will.

We adopt on a first come basis. We will not hold a dog for you. We have had too many problems with that in the past. So, it is essential that you respond to us quickly and we get through the process as quickly as possible. Also, it is essential that you fill out an application ASAP and that you are ready to adopt when you apply.

There are things to consider when deciding whether a mastiff breed is the dog for you. They are large breed dogs so they are big or they are going to be big. Please make sure you are ready for a dog of this size before applying. These dogs also tend to drool. Some drool alot more than others but they all drool to some extent. Please make sure that you are prepared for this and willing to deal with this before applying.

There are also things to consider when deciding whether or not to bring a dog into your life and home. A dog is a long term commitment and it should be taken very seriously. And dogs will be dogs. If you are not ready to take on that kind of responsibility then please wait until you are to bring a new family member into your home.

All donations are tax deductable and please do not ask us for a discount. We are a business, we must carry insurance and file taxes yearly. We pay vet care and get a small discount. We pay for many surgeries that many owners turn in there dogs because they can not afford it. We travel to many states picking up dogs that are dumped and there lives are at stake. All of this costs money. Most of our rescue dogs on average have 600.00 up to 3000.00 spent on them to get them ready for adoption.

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