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Animal List

Name Species/Breed Sex Picture
Annie Dog - Cane Corso Mastiff Female
ATLAS Dog - Great Dane Male
Bella Dog - Saint Bernard / Mixed Female
Boris Dog - Kuvasz / Great Pyrenees Male
Buzz Lightyear Dog - Cane Corso Mastiff Male  
CARL Dog - Labrador Retriever / Mixed Male
CINDER adoption pending Dog - Saint Bernard Female
DAVE adoption pending Dog - Cane Corso Mastiff Male
DUKE Dog - Great Dane Male
EMMA Dog - Saint Bernard Female
HARLEY Dog - Saint Bernard / Mastiff
HARLEY DANE Dog - Great Dane Female
Jay Dog - Dogue de Bordeaux / Mixed Male
JEMMA Dog - Dogue de Bordeaux / Mixed Female
KANE Dog - Mastiff Male
KING Dog - Great Dane Male  
LENA 1 Dog - Cane Corso Mastiff Female  
LEXIE Dog - Mastiff Female
LOLA Dog - Presa Canario Female
Luna Dog - Great Dane Female
MAX Dog - Mastiff / Akita / Mixed Male
MICK Dog - Great Dane Male
MOOSE Dog - Great Dane Male
Odin Dog - Great Dane Male
Opie Dog - Neapolitan Mastiff / Cane Corso Mastiff Male  
Paco Dog - Great Dane Male
PHILLIP Dog - Saint Bernard Male
Rainy Dog - American Bulldog / Mastiff Female
Roc Dog - Mastiff / German Shepherd Dog Male  
TESSA Dog - Cane Corso Mastiff / French Bulldog Female

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